A coherent global framework for migrants and refugees?

Global Disorders - Global Governance

In the aftermath of the first UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants, Olivia Taghioff examines the significance of the summit's outcome document.


The living memory of Dag Hammarskjöld

Building Peace

While commemorating 55 years since the crash in Ndola, we spoke with regional actors about what Dag Hammarskjöld means today.

fence Event

Blueprint for the refugee crisis?

Agenda 2030 | Global Disorders - Global Governance

Seminar exploring the outcomes from the first ever Heads of State summit on refugees and migration.

Quiz2 Quiz

How does the UN choose its leader?

How much do you really know about the selection of the UN Secretary-General and the previous officeholders? Find out in our new quiz!

Dag Hammarskjöld on his last trip to the Congo Blog

Suez and the Congo -Hammarskjöld’s Lasting Legacy

Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

What can we learn from Dag Hammarskjöld and his courageous conflict mediation during the Cold War?


Strengthening Youth Engagement in Post-Jasmine Revolution Tunisia

Building Peace

In this paper Amal Bourhrous and Sarah Smith identify challenges that restrain youth engagement in peace processes and strategies to overcome these obstacles.