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Local Perspectives on Inclusive Peacebuilding: a Four-country Case Study

Building Peace

This Development Dialogue paper summarises local perspectives on inclusivity in peacebuilding, gathered from consultations in Somalia, Timor-Leste, Li...

Artnoose, FlickR, Creative Commons Publication

The power of numbers – beyond economic and global statistics

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

This seminar paper explores how best to measure development, looking ahead to the post-2015 framework.

Paul Appleyard; FlickR, Creative Commons Publication

Universal goals for national action

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

The seminar paper explores governance and rule of law as the foundation for human development.

Josef Weidenholzer, FlickR, Creative Commons. Publication

Turning vision into goals – Where is the international process heading?

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

Global consultations have been held, people’s voices heard, numerous papers and reports published – but what can we realistically expect as the wo...

Photo: United Nations in Montenegro Publication

The youth bulge in a greying world

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

This seminar paper asks, how do we ensure that the young and elderly are subjects and actors, not objects, of the new development agenda?

Matthias Ripp, FlickR, Creative Commons Publication

Toward zero hunger and sustainable food production

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

This seminar paper explores global food security and nutrition in the Post-2015 agenda.