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Sir Brian Urquhart 100 years

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation conveys its best wishes to Sir Brian Urquhart on the occasion of his 100th birthday on 28 February.

Re-connecting peacebuilders in Amman

Together with Uppsala University, the Foundation recently hosted the second regional gathering of its joint alumni network, this time for members from West- and Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Celebrating youth’s role in peace and security efforts

After feeling unequally treated for her gender in schools, Minna was inspired to do something and bring men into the conversation on how to realise gender equality. Nathan films and screens documentaries to facilitate conversations on what is needed to address inequality and violence in his hometown of Fortaleza, Brazil. These young peacebuilders started the […]

Between internationalism and integrity

Examination of how individual UN bureaucrats balance their loyalty to the international system, and why their personal integrity and loyalty affect the work of the organisation.

Financing peacebuilding: Walking the talk

The Foundation participated in the Carnegie PeaceBuilding Conversations in The Hague, in the Netherlands by moderating a session on ‘Financing Sustaining Peace and Peacebuilding – walking the talk of innovation’.

My UN changes for the better

As a 13-year-old girl, I stood outside the United Nations headquarters in New York and looked at the building in awe. This was the organisation that brought the world together. It was here that state boundaries, political affiliations and individual status were momentarily forgotten and everyone worked together to protect some of the most vulnerable […]

Exploring Dag Hammarskjöld’s engaged spirituality

Does the way choose us, or are we as individuals at liberty to have the freedom to choose the way? I was left with that fundamental question to contemplate upon reading the recently released book edited by Hans Kristian Simensen. This carefully crafted volume is based on earlier meditations by Archbishop Emeritus K G Hammar […]