Climate change, migration and displacement: Distinguishing fact from fiction

Agenda 2030

This event will examine the facts behind the effect of climate change on the movement of people and insecurity.


Six reasons why it is important for the UN and financial sector to partner on SDG financing

UN Renewal

Here Francine Pickup and David Soukhasing explain why the UN must team up with the financial sector and outline what UN policies need to change....

Photo: Johan Wahlgren News

Guterres proclaims Hammarskjöld as his ‘fundamental inspiration’

Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

On Sunday, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres delivered the 2018 Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture, expressing gratitude for Sweden and Hammarskjöld’s steadfast commitment to multilateralism.


Oh, the things you can find if you don’t stay behind!

UN Renewal

The Foundation recently hosted a workshop on how the UN can drive innovative financing towards the SDGs and retain its relevance in the field.


Northern Ireland 20 Years after the Peace Deal

Building Peace

In this blog Alec Forss argues that continued civil society engagement is critical for sustaining peace in Northern Ireland.


Backåkra: A testament to Hammarskjöld’s love of nature and work for peace

Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

In this Q&A with Peder Hammarskiöld, we discover the history and artefacts behind Hammarskjöld's Backåkra which just reopened to the public.