Applying Sustaining Peace Workshop Series

In 2016-2018 the Foundation held a workshop series to support better understanding of recent sustaining peace resolutions and the actions needed to implement them.


Over the past couple of years, conversations around and within the United Nations have reinforced the urgent need to unify the organisation around a long-term vision of peace. A vision that does not follow the common sequential approach to conflict response, which begins with humanitarian action and peacemaking, then shifts to peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and finally transitions to development.

Striving to break this mould, the ‘sustaining peace’ resolutions adopted in the UN General Assembly and the Security Council in April 2016 underscore that prevention lies at the heart of the UN’s work on peace and security. They emphasise that sustaining peace is as an inherently political process that spans prevention, mediation, conflict management and resolution, necessitating  integrated approaches to peacebuilding.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, together with the International Peace Institute and the NYU Center on International Cooperation, are supporting member states and the UN system in better understanding and implementing sustaining peace through an informal workshop series, titled Applying Sustaining Peace.

The workshops bring together targeted groups of UN system staff, mission experts, and academics and practitioners in an informal setting, with the aim of generating concrete ideas that move sustaining peace forward. The series will result in a policy paper that will analyse how the UN can work more coherently and effectively, applying the vision of sustaining peace and living up to its Charter obligations to save future generations from the scourge of war.


December 2016: Sustaining peace and peace operation mandates: The Liberia transition

January 2017: Sustaining peace and the financing puzzle: Opportunities, challenges and dilemmas

February 2017: Sustaining Peace through Inclusion: Partnerships with Civil Society and Local Actors

March 2017: Sustaining Peace and Prevention: Comparing Responses to Crises in Gambia and Burundi

July 2017: Applying Sustaining Peace and Human Rights: The links between Sustaining Peace and Human Rights

February 2018: The Liberian Transition and Lessons for Sustaining Peace



Concept Note- Applying Sustaining Peace Workshop Series

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