Implementing Agenda 2030

Through a series of seminars, in cooperation with UNDP Sweden, we explore the opportunities and challenges arising in the implementation of Agenda 2030.


In September 2015, Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted by world leaders at the UN Sustainable Development Summit. For the first time in history the world has agreed on a universal and integrated plan of action aimed at ending poverty and building a life of dignity for all, while protecting the planet.

Although historic, the agreement and the establishment of this agenda means little unless proper attention and resources are geared towards its implementation. Through this #implement2030 seminar series, which we host in cooperation with UNDP Sweden, we explore the opportunities and challenges arising in the execution of Agenda 2030. The initiative builds on years of engagement in the development of the SDGs, through the previous series “After 2015 – The road towards the next global development agenda”.


We invite you to explore the material from all our seminars in the series below:

Let youth decide: Promoting youth inclusion through international agendas

In this seminar, speakers discussed how to enable young people’s political engagement and access to decision making.

Getting in shape: Reforming the UN to make it fit for the 2030 Agenda

In this seminar, speakers who follow the ongoing UN reform process discussed what is at stake, the key issues and controversies, and possible outcomes.

Almedalen 2017: Youth, peace and the future of the UN

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation returned to Almedalen for a fruitful week of political discussion and debate.

Civic freedoms decisive in leaving no one behind

In this blog post Matilda Hald contends that while civic space is increasingly restricted, it is crucial to the implementation of Agenda 2030.

Can the UN Prevent Serious Violations of Human Rights?

A seminar on the “Human Rights up Front” initiative and how the UN, Member States and civil society can improve responses to human rights violations.

From Declaration to Action: How to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance from Undermining Sustainable Development

A panel discussion on how global action can contain the threat of resistance to antibiotics. 

Who deals with the security aspects of climate change?

A seminar looking at the security dimensions of climate change.

Blueprint for the refugee crisis?

Seminar exploring the outcomes from the first ever Heads of State summit on refugees and migration.

Almedalsveckan 2016: From Antibiotic Resistance to UN Reform

The Foundation took part in several activities during Almedalsveckan, the annual week of political discussions in Sweden.

Money Matters – Implementing Agenda 2030

A seminar exploring if there is sufficient will, commitment and innovation to mobilise the vast funds needed to achieve Agenda 2030.

Implementing Agenda 2030 – Priorities and Challenges for Afghanistan

A seminar looking at what the implementation of Agenda 2030 means in the context of Afghanistan

Peacebuilding in peaceful countries?

A seminar looking at the universality of Global Goal 16 and what Sweden can learn from peacebuilding in conflict countries.

Preventing and Responding to Radicalisation in Africa – A Development Approach

Violent extremism represents a growing threat to Africa’s hard-won development gains and poses a significant challenge to the achievement of the Global Goals.