How does the UN choose its leader?

How much do you really know about the selection of the UN Secretary-General and the previous officeholders? Find out in our new quiz!

Welcome to the UNSG selection quiz

1) How do UN Security Council members agree on a candidate for Secretary-General?
2) When should the UN Security Council officially start deliberating on a candidate?

When was the colour-coded ballot introduced in the Secretary-General selection process to distinguish votes by permanent and non-permanent members?


What are the Wisnumurti Guidelines?

5) How long can a UN Secretary-General stay in office?
6) Which one of these statements is true?
7) How many individuals have served as UN Secretary-General?
8) How many have been from the Latin America and Caribbean Group?
9) How many women have served as UN Secretary-General?
10) Prior to this year's selection process, how many women have been proposed by UN Member states for the position of UN Secretary-General?
11) Which UN Secretary-General is the only one who came from within the UN?
12) Which UN Secretary-General was (unofficially) re-elected by the General Assembly as the UN Security Council was in a deadlock?
13) Which UN Secretary-General was not re-elected for a 2nd term?
14) How many other candidates were considered when Dag Hammarskjöld was selected?
15) How many female candidates are there this year? (as of August 2016)