Financing Fit for the Future

Building Peace

A 10-point agenda for financing peacebuilding that allows the UN and its Member States to fulfil the commitments of sustaining peace over the coming decades.


Practical Dialogue on Sustaining Peace

Building Peace

The Foundation has launched a workshop series to support better understanding of recent sustaining peace resolutions and the actions needed to implement them.


Global Norms: Building an Inclusive Multilateralism

UN Renewal

A revitalised multilateral agenda must be built on the back of a strong, inclusive normative framework.


International Training on Dialogue and Mediation

Building Peace | Agenda 2030

This new training provides practitioners, policymakers and researchers with a unique opportunity to explore the use of dialogue and mediation in building and sustaining peace....


Collective leadership and networking action

Global Disorders - Global Governance | Agenda 2030

A seminar where accomplished strategists Petra Kuenkel and Steve Wadell outlined how their transformational change theories can aid implementation of the SDGs.


Norms back in the spotlight

Global Disorders - Global Governance | Agenda 2030 | UN Renewal

At the heart of Europe’s centre for international governance, the Foundation organised a conference on the UN’s normative role in an ever more complex world....