Hammarskjöld’s relevance for UN civil servants today

Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

Young UN civil servants tell us in this video what the former Secretary-General means to them and how he remains relevant to their work.


Civic freedoms decisive in leaving no one behind

Agenda 2030

In this blog post Matilda Hald contends that while civic space is increasingly restricted, it is crucial to the implementation of Agenda 2030.


Leaders of today: Engagement of youth in sustaining peace

Building Peace

A paper highlighting the barriers for young people in Liberia, Myanmar and Tunisia to engage in peacebuilding and the actions needed to overcome them....


How much do you really know about Dag Hammarskjöld?

Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

With the recent release of a new biography on the late Secretary-General, take this quiz and find out if already know it all.

Photo credit: Oskar Kullander for Interpeace Blog

Inclusive and peaceful societies—a view from Sweden

Building Peace | Agenda 2030

Ahead of the 2017 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, Sigrid Gruener and Matilda Hald underscore the importance of inclusivity in building a peaceful society.


Integrity and trust needed in today’s United Nations

UN Renewal | Hammarskjöld’s Legacy

Amidst the bustle of the United Nations in New York, the Foundation hosted a series of events on the integrity of the UN civil servant....