Global Disorders - Global Governance

Our world is marked by an ever-increasing complexity of emerging global challenges. The “Global Disorders” programme focuses on converging global challenges that require new approaches to international cooperation and multilateral governance.

The goal of this programme is to stimulate new ways of thinking about the convergence of global risks to gather local responses to global challenges, and to deliver outcomes of our efforts to the UN and other international and national actors to influence relevant policies.

We arrange and participate in meetings and seminars about global risks and challenges and work together with key stakeholders from international organisations, academia, the private sector and civil society to encourage progressive change and produce input to relevant policy processes.

Activities in this programme are underpinned by analysis and studies of new integrated approaches to global governance, and its interplay with, notably climate change and planetary boundaries, food security, migration, health and antibiotic resistance.



Can legal mechanisms curb antimicrobial resistance?

Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation hosted a two-day writers’ workshop to facilitate action towards an international legal mechanism on antimicrobial resistance. The meeting also served as a...

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Editorial for WHO on a legal framework to address antimicrobial resistance

Our future health depends on forming an international legal framework that resolves – or at least substantially reduces – the problem of antimicrobial resistance. An...


Tackling antimicrobial resistance: looking towards legal mechanisms

The rapid emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) over the past decade has been described as one of the major health threats of the 21st century.


Connected Risks, Connected Solutions: stepping up the challenge

What kind of governance is needed to efficiently handle the greatest challenges our planet is facing? This is the fundamental question which spurred on the...


Global Disorders – a New Global Order?

Issue no.62 of Development Dialogue juxtaposes good practices and positive change on the ground, with explorations of life-threateninng global disorders.


New book: Global Disorders – a New Global Order?

On 7 November we will launch a new special issue of Development Dialogue. It juxtaposes a focus on development innovations and good practices, which are...