Building Peace

The notion of building peace has been around as long as the world has witnessed conflict. The lessons learned form centuries of strife, indicate that to build peace is a complex and multi-dimensional process involving not one actor, or group of actors, but the product of initiatives undertaken by a range of stakeholders. We work to promote coherent, inclusive and sustainable strategies for peacebuilding in countries that are recovering from or are at risk of relapsing into violent conflict. We aim to contribute to more resilient and stable states and societies.

We engage with diverse stakeholders including multilateral institutions, civil society organisations, bilateral donors and academics in seminars, workshops and bilateral discussions. Country case studies implemented in partnership with local civil society actors also contribute new perspectives, experiences and strategies that influence policy recommendations for strengthening and deepening the uptake of local voices in peacebuilding processes.

In response to identified needs and requests from UN partners, the Foundation acts as a facilitator in preparing the forthcoming review of the peacebuilding institutions and activities at the United Nations, in consultations with member states, key actors at the UN and civil society to promote inclusive dialogue and analyses on issues critical for the review. Through this effort we hope to ensure that conclusions and recommendations from the 2015 peacebuilding review lead to real change that will ultimately strengthen the capacity of the UN system to support peacebuilding in fragile and post-conflict states.



International Training on Dialogue and Mediation

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