Building Peace

The lessons learned from centuries of strife, indicate that building and sustaining peace is an ongoing process, demanding participation from diverse actors at all levels of society. Through the Building Peace programme we work to promote inclusive, coherent and sustainable strategies for peacebuilding in countries that are at risk of violent conflict. We aim to contribute to more resilient and stable states and societies.

We engage with diverse stakeholders including multilateral institutions, civil society organisations, bilateral donors and academics in seminars, workshops and bilateral discussions. Country case studies implemented in partnership with local civil society actors also contribute new perspectives and strategies that influence policy recommendations for strengthening the uptake of local voices in peacebuilding processes.

The Foundation also promotes understanding and supports implementation of the recommendations coming out of the 2015 UN peace and security reviews and the Sustaining Peace resolutions passed in the Security Council and the General Assembly in April 2016. In response to identified needs and requests from UN partners, we act as a convener of meetings and as a platform for consultations. These consultations bring together Member States, key actors in the UN, and international, regional and local civil society on key themes that need attention for realising sustainable peace globally, including engagement of civil society, inclusive dialogue and adequate, predictable financing for peacebuilding.

Through this effort we hope to improve the UN’s effectiveness in supporting peace and security and push towards an integrated, comprehensive and long-term approach that will also be crucial in enabling the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.



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Peace Diplomacy, Global Justice and International Agency

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