UN Renewal

Our programme on UN development system renewal is premised on the hypothesis that while the world at large has experienced significant developments, especially during the past two decades, the UN development system has not sufficiently transformed or evolved. This programme is designed to serve as a catalyst for renewal of the UN development system and as an advocate for effective multilateral solutions to major challenges at national and international levels.

Two distinct strands of activities characterise the implementation of our work in this area. The first is to gather and disseminate necessary information through studies on relevant topics. The second strand is to serve as a bridge-builder and convener of informal briefings, seminars and consultations with key stakeholders in the UN development system, namely member states, civil society actors and UN development system representatives themselves.Some of the key questions we are addressing within the framework of the programme are: the purpose and functions, the financing, the governance and the partnerships of the UN development system all with the objective of having as effective UN development system as possible.

We aim to deliver a set of recommendations to the UN management on how to realize the renewal of the development system. The aim is to reposition the UN’s development work so that it has a clear value added in all member states.



Toward a new multilateralism

A paper on optimising the multilateral development system in an increasingly complex world.


“Show me the money”

Why transparent national budgetary processes are critical for financing the Sustainable Development Goals.


Navigating a Path Forward on the Reform of the UN Development System

In this paper Bruce Jenks and Lisa Orrenius argue that the UN Development System needs to be driven by finding solutions, not redrawing organisational charts.


Blended not stirred – the future of development financing

The answer to the current development financing gap may lie in aligned incentives across the public and private sectors.


Report Launch: Financing the UN Development System

A panel discussion exploring the key findings of a new report on current trends and new directions in the financial landscape of the UNDS.


Executive Summary – Financing the United Nations Development System: Current Trends and New Directions

This is the Executive Summary of the annual report on financing the UN Development System produced by the foundation and the UN MPTF Office.