Regions Refocus

Regions Refocus fosters regional and feminist solidarities for justice through policy dialogue between civil society, governments, sub-regional alliances, and the UN.

Through our transformational regional to global approach, Regions Refocus co-constructs heterodox and feminist policy with autonomous regional civil society networks, progressive policy makers, social movements, feminist groups, and academics. We refocus the conversation of the new development agenda and change the terms of the debate, challenging the hegemonic privileging of the global over the discourse and policies of the regions.

Since June 2014, Regions Refocus has co-organized eleven policy workshops in eight sub-regions, participated in five regional and global policy processes at the UN, officially launched the initiative at the Ford Foundation, and facilitated our first Cross-Regional Exchange. For an overview of this regional to global policy work to advance heterodox and feminist policy, see the Regions Refocus Recap: Our 2015 Anniversary Report. The video below, “Why Regions Refocus?” provides a seven-minute introduction to our creative and non-traditional approach. See the links to the right for resources, photos, and summaries of our policy workshops!

Regions Refocus Team:
Anita Nayar, Director
Kathryn Tobin, Policy Coordinator
Maja Stilling, Program Assistant

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