How was the UN development system financed in 2015?

We recently released our yearly report on financing the UN development system. Did you read it and did any of it stick?

Find out and test your knowledge about UN finance in this revealing quiz!

1. In 2015, what was the total revenue for the UN system as a whole?
2. More than 40 percent of this revenue went to only five UN agencies in 2015. Which ones?
3. How much of the total revenue in 2015 was earmarked funding (voluntary contributions that are tied to a theme or a country)?
4. Over the past 15 years, earmarked contributions to the UN operational activities have grown how many times faster than core contributions?
5. Over the past 40 years, what two UN agencies have had the highest percentage of their revenue provided by membership fees (assessed contributions)?
6. How much of UN system-wide funding was for peacekeeping in 2015?
7. With 32%, the UN received the largest allocation of multilateral aid among the major multilateral players in 2015. But what was unique about the UN allocation compared to other multinationals?
8. In 2015, what percentage of funding for UN operational activities for development came from governments?
9. In 2015, 47% of contributions to UN operational activities came from only three donors. Which ones?
10. Among the 10 major contributors to UN, which country didn’t provide more earmarked than core contributions in 2015?
11. In 2015, pooled funds accounted for what percentage of total contributions to UN operational activities for development?
12. What UN agency had the largest non-state income in 2015?
13. Average UN expenses per country in 2015 were highest for what countries?
14. Expenditures in crisis-affected countries have the highest level of UN development system spending per country. What was it in 2015?
15. What region was the largest beneficiary of UN operation expenditure in 2015?