Almedalen 2019

Join the Foundation and partners for two events at Almedalsveckan in Visby, Gotland.

If you are taking part in Almedalsveckan, we hope you will join us and partners at Sverige i Världen, where we will host two events.


UN Talks:
In defense of global norms and values

The multitude of global challenges, including climate change, forced displacement, increasing inequalities, intractable conflicts and erosion of democratic values, calls for strong efforts to defend and champion multilateral institutions, particularly the United Nations. Yet, in countries across the globe there is evidence of growing scepticism to existing multilateral arrangements, with international norms being questioned, and increasing support for a retreat to bilateral or unilateral action. In addition, the dynamics of the multilateral system are changing with new strong players both within and outside of its institutions.

What are the implications of these trends for international cooperation and efforts promoting sustainable development, conflict prevention, humanitarian assistance and human rights? What platforms and strategies can be used to defend global norms and values? Is there a need for new methods and alliances?

When: Wednesday 3 July, 1-1.45 pm

Language: English

Where: Sverige i Världen, Donnersgatan 6


Ulrika Modéer, Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant Administrator of UNDP

Henrik Nordentoft, Director of UNHCR Northern European Office

Måns Molander, Sweden and Denmark Director, Human Rights Watch

Anne Poulsen, Head of UN World Food Programme’s Nordic Office

Moderator: Per Nordlund, Programme Director, Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation

Organised by: UNDP Sweden and the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation


Ethics and integrity in international development

What happens when representatives from international organisations act immoral and break the rules? How is the trust for and the effectiveness within development work being affected by crisis such as sexual harassment, corruption and lack of acting in cases of crimes against humanity? Where lies the responsibility of maintaining ethics and integrity?

This seminar will focus on ethics, integrity and leadership amongst international development stakeholders. The discussion will raise topics such as the sexual abuses that have been committed by peacekeeping forces and development cooperation employees, but also the lack of leadership in the UN during crises connected to extensive crimes against humanity. What do these crises mean – especially to all victims who have the right to safety and support, and secondly, what does it mean for the trust in international stakeholders? How widespread are these problems? How can we prevent future cases and make the responsible people held accountable?

When: Wednesday 3 July, 4-4.45 pm

Language: Swedish

Where: Sverige i Världen, Donnersgatan 6


Carin Jämtin, Director-General, Sida

Erik Lysén, Head of Act (Action by Churches Together), Church of Sweden

Anne Poulsen, Head of UN World Food Programme’s Nordic Office

Moderator: Henrik Hammargren, Executive Director, Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation

Organised by: the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation