From New York to Paris: UN efforts to break the climate deadlock

Climate change poses significant challenges to global development, threatening to undermine poverty reduction and endanger the livelihoods of billions. Both the United Nations’ climate negotiations and the Post-2015 process are struggling to deliver outcomes that address the difficulty of cutting emissions while promoting growth and human development.

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Date:18 September 2014
Venue:Medelhavsmuséet, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm
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After 2015 – The road towards the next global development agenda:

Looking ahead to the September 23rd Climate Summit in New York, initiated by the UN Secretary General (SG) Ban Ki-moon, this joint UNDP-Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation seminar takes on the key question of how the two processes may reinforce each other and build positive momentum for the real issues at stake. The notion that climate change should be integral to the Post-2015 development framework––that development objectives will not be achieved unless the Post-2015 framework is climate and future-fit––has gained traction. But is it possible to promote low-carbon development pathways while ensuring that development progress is sustained? If so – who should pay for it and how can the required investment be mobilized?

The seminar will discuss the following questions:

  • What can we expect from the UNSG’s Climate Summit and how can it feed into the upcoming negotiations – both within the UNFCCC framework and the Post-2015 process?
  • What are the major hurdles and what can be done to overcome them?
  • How can we address extreme poverty without jeopardizing our common future?
  • The SG’s summit has leadership as one of its major themes – but who is brave enough to step up to the challenge?

“I don’t belong to those who believe we are headed for disaster. I certainly believe in the future, but I’m not quite as naïve as our parents were, who believed that we live in the best of all possible worlds and that progress is inevitable. But I venture to be an optimist because I believe that there will always be a great many young people who are determined enough to fight for a decent future.”

Dag Hammarskjöld


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Eric Usher is acting Head of the Finance Unit within the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Energy Branch, charged with engaging the finance sector in the shift to greener low carbon economies. He has a long-standing experience of working to foster low-carbon development, and has published widely in the field.

Presentation. During his presentation, Eric Usher mentions the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change and their investor statements.

Meena Raman is head of the climate programme at Third World Network (TWN), an independent international organisation that promotes Third World country interests in the area of global development.

Anna Lindstedt is Ambassador for Climate Change at the Swedish Ministry of the Environment. She has been a diplomat since 1990 serving, among other things, as Ambassador to Mexico (2006-2011) and Ambassador to Vietnam (2003-2006).


The seminar will be facilitated by staff at UNDP and the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation.

Initial presentation of the event (pdf)

Coffee, tea and sandwiches served from 8.30 am.