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Dag Hammarskjöld arrives in Léopoldville on the 13 of September 1961, one of the last photos of Hammarskjöld.

Dag Hammarskjöld Commemoration: 2016

This September, 55 years will have passed since Hammarskjöld and the persons accompanying him tragically died in the plane crash in Ndola.

Almedalsveckan 2016

We will be hosting six events together with partners at the annual Almedalsveckan in Visby, Gotland.

Peacebuilding in peaceful countries?

A seminar looking at the universality of Global Goal 16 and what Sweden can learn from peacebuilding in conflict countries.

Seminar on the Syrian crisis

Reflections on what it will take to contain the current refugee crisis in Europe and build hope for the millions of affected populations.