Why does the Foundation work with the United Nations?

Given the name and legacy in which the Foundation works, we have a unique opportunity to provide targeted support to the United Nations. We are invested in efforts to reform the UN Development System to make it better fit for purpose and are committed to supporting a renewal of the organisation, ensuring it retains a central leadership role in the multilateral system.

Our work has throughout the years given us a respected position as a trusted partner in many processes in and around the UN. The Foundation has acted, for example, as a facilitator in preparations for and implementation of the 2015 Review of the peacebuilding architecture, engaging Member States and different parts of the UN system around critical and often divisive issues.

We work with both thematic and organisational issues with a specific focus on transparency and financing of the UN Development System. We are convinced that global problems require global, multilateral solutions and strive to be a valuable partner to the UN system in its efforts to strengthen this role.