Connected Risks, Connected Solutions: stepping up the challenge

What kind of governance is needed to efficiently handle the greatest challenges our planet is facing? This is the fundamental question which spurred on the report, “Connected Risks, Connected Solutions”, which launches tomorrow, 18 November, at a seminar in Stockholm.

Hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Global Challenges Foundation, panelists will take stock of some of today’s most pressing global issues and their interconnectivity.

Among the panelists, Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation’s Acting Executive Director Fiona Rotberg will highlight how the Foundation is focusing on this new set of emerging challenges through the “Global Disorders – A New Global Order” and the “United Nations Development System Renewal” programme.

The panel will discuss the report, authored by the Stockholm Resilience Center and the Global Challenges Foundation, and its four main messages:

– Social science insights about the governance of connected global risks remain fragmented, but are complementary;
– Different models of governance address different critical functions needed to govern global connected risks;
– There are several highly policy-relevant research gaps with respect to innovation, legitimacy, and adaptability in the face of non-linear change;
– Transformative changes of the governance of global environmental risks are, indeed, possible.

For more information about the seminar see Stockholm Resilience Center or download the report from Global Challenges Foundation.