Peace and Security

This project focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of the UN’s efforts in peace and security. This includes strengthening the organisation’s Peacebuilding Architecture to assume a central role within the UN system. We emphasise the need for more coherent and strategic engagement at both the national and regional levels, with active involvement of civil society and private sector actors in initiatives to address fragility and conflict.


Coherent and effective multilateral approaches are needed to meet the persistent and growing challenges to global peace and security. The UN plays a critical role in the multilateral system. It is dedicated to addressing and resolving armed conflicts and to sustain peace through preventive diplomacy and dialogue, as well as tackling root causes undermining peace and security. Continuous and ongoing reforms are essential to ensure that the UN’s peace and security pillar can handle the risks and realities of today.

This project contributes to advancing multilateral approaches promoting peaceful, just and resilient societies. The aims are to strengthen and build an effective UN Peacebuilding Architecture, support the operationalisation of the Sustaining Peace resolutions, and advance the recommendations in the Secretary-General’s New Agenda for Peace.

Our work promotes dialogue among Member States and with different UN departments, agencies, funds and programmes, connecting stakeholders’ experiences and needs at the regional and country level with policy discourse at the global level. It also aims to support strong multilateral action to reinforce respect for agreed international norms, standards, and commitments and to strengthen the protection and promotion of human rights, with priority given to those furthest behind.

The Foundation emphasises the need for more inclusive, coherent and strategic engagement at both the national and regional levels, with active involvement of civil society and private sector actors in initiatives aimed at addressing fragility and conflict.



Support to Member States

Implementing the Sustaining Peace Agenda

We support the implementation of the UN Sustaining Peace resolutions and the reviews of the UN’s peacebuilding architecture through support for the Peacebuilding Commission and its secretariat in the form of retreats, regional and country consultations, roundtables, and publications.

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Advancing the Youth Peace and Security Agenda

The Foundation works to strengthen implementation of the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda through publications, policy analysis and convening dialogue between civil society, government, multilateral and private sector actors at global, regional and national levels.


International Training on Dialogue and Mediation

The International Training on Dialogue and Mediation is an annual training programme coordinated by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation and the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (DPCR) Uppsala University.

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The Role of Private Sector Actors in Peacebuilding

The Foundation Supports dialogue on the role and accountability of private sector actors in peacebuilding and supports efforts to mobilise private sector partnerships, funding and financing for peacebuilding.



Development Dialogue

Intersectionality: Experiences, views and visions for change

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