Functions of the United Nations system

We provide knowledge, coordinate analysis and facilitate dialogue on how to reposition the UN to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fully implement the Sustaining Peace resolutions. To achieve this, we remain engaged in the development and operationalisation of the Funding Compact between the UN system and Member States, addressing UN development system funding modalities, with the aim to increase predictable and system-wide funding.

To support the development of the Funding Compact, we contributed to an international meeting in 2018 on the Funding Compact in Stockholm by bringing together Member States to facilitate dialogue on critical issues. A similar meeting was organised in New York in coordination with the UN transition team to stress-test the Funding Compact draft document with a number of participating UN entities. We were also invited to present data to the first technical track meeting of the Funding Compact.

Since 2018, we have also been involved in a partnership with the UN Development Cooperation Office (DCO), producing a joint study on successful examples of SDG financing at the country level. We have also launched an initiative to understand if and how the relevant Funding Compact commitments are being implemented at the country level and in 2021 published a report on our findings.


The Way Forward

Based on extensive consultations in six countries, this report explores the extent to which the potential of the Funding Compact has been fulfilled.

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Staying the Course

This report aims to support United Nations Country Teams, UN Member States and their partners to effectively use financial resources to respond to the immediate impact of the pandemic, whilst safeguarding progress already made towards Agenda 2030.

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Joint Study with DCO

Unlocking development financing: Good practices from early adopters

This comprehensive study and accompanying three country studies explore the innovative approaches to financing required to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

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