Operationalisation of the Funding Compact

About the Funding Compact

The Funding Compact was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. It is designed to enhance the implementation of Agenda 2030, with a clear acknowledgement of the need to change funding behaviour, and especially to improve the quality of funding, if the UN is to deliver better and more effective development results.

By ensuring quality funding for quality results, the Funding Compact contributes to a behavioural shift in how the United Nations (UN) and Member States work more effectively together for greater, and more sustainable, impact.

Since 2018, the Foundation have been involved in the development of the Funding Compact in a partnership with the UN Development Cooperation Office (DCO). We currently contribute to the operationalisation and reinforcement of the Funding compact by engaging in global discussions and facilitating regional and country consultations to enhance awareness and foster dialogue around commitments.

These consultations have helped demystify the Funding Compact while initiating joint dialogues for more shared analysis, systematic collaboration, integrated programming, and improved tools and modalities for greater collaboration. Additionally, we conduct and producing qualitative studies that analyze the progress of implementation at country level and identify the major hindrances for operationalisation of the Funding Compact.

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