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Development Dialogue no 2 1974

Issue no.1974:2 (8) of Development Dialogue highlights the need for concerted action, in a re-evaluated United Nations system, to handle the disintegrating world economy.

Development Dialogue no 1 1974

Issue no.1974:1(7) of Development Dialogue presents papers and statements made in connection with the 1973 seminar: Confrontation or Co-operation? A dialogue on Development and Independence.

Development Dialogue no 1 1973

Issue no.1973:1 (6) of Development Dialogue highlights how representatives and scholars of the Third World view development, and presents aid programmes of Denmark and Finland.

Development Dialogue no. 1: 1972

Issue no.1972:1 (5) is the very first issue of the Development Dialogue, a Nordic journal on international development co-operation.