Financing the UN Development System: Key emerging trends (2015)

This report draws attention to three key emerging and evolving financing trends that are of particular relevance to the UNDS: the growth of issue-based multi-agency pooled financing; the challenge of leveraging official development assistance (ODA); and the role of innovative finance.

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Title:Financing the UN Development System: Key emerging trends (2015)
Type:Financing the UN Development System

Seventy years after the establishment of the UN, we have inherited a complex financial architecture – one that has, over the years, been pieced together to meet the ever-changing needs of the UN development system (UNDS).

The study brings to light a variety of innovative financing practices, some of which may not be well‐known and fully captured in UN statistical information.

The key challenge for the future is to position the UN as a broker, capable of leveraging the huge range of resources globalisation has generated for common purposes. The post‐2015 financing architecture will need to embrace a culture of leveraging, reward the practice of partnerships and devise new ways to measure impact.