Climate, Development and Equity

Issue 61 of Development Dialogue highlights the urgency of tackling climate and development, while exploring the importance of policy solutions being grounded in equity.

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Title:Climate, Development and Equity
Type:Development Dialogue
Author:Various authors
Published:7 September 2012

Climate change already affects all of us, but those most vulnerable to its impacts have done the least to cause the problem. These contributions from some of the world’s most far-sighted commentators should be required reading for heads of state, policymakers, journalists, activists and the concerned public. Together, they make the loudest call for political and individual action and give governments the legitimacy to act. Unless radical cuts in emissions take place soon, the world is set for dangerous climate change, with all of humanity at peril.

This Volume presents voices from across the North and South, addressing the combined challenges of climate, development and equity. It highlights the urgency of taking action, but also shows why any attempt to tackle climate change must be grounded in equity. How will humanity fairly divide the rapidly diminishing global carbon budget, while allowing billions of people in the global South (and North) the means for economic, social and environmental well-being? How can United Nations negotiations move forward, and what are the real and false solutions?