Dialogue in Peacebuilding: Understanding Different Perspectives

This issue of Development Dialogue aims to deepen understanding and awareness of dialogue as a critical aspect of and tool for peacebuilding.

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Title:Dialogue in Peacebuilding: Understanding Different Perspectives
Type:Development Dialogue
Author:Various authors
Published:28 October 2019

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The exercise and practice of dialogue can be traced back thousands of years, perhaps even to the beginning of civilisation.

In more recent times there has been a surge of interest in dialogue, with the use of the term and its application proliferating within the disciplines of peacebuilding and development, but also in other fields such as education and public policy.

The growing interest in dialogue can perhaps in part be attributed to the growing and deepening polarisation that exists in many communities across the globe and both manifests itself in and is further fuelled by strong and adverse geopolitical interests.

Many therefore recognise the need for more space and means to engage in genuine dialogue, among and between communities, between political parties and within global multilateral bodies.

This volume aims to deepen understanding and awareness of dialogue as a critical aspect of and tool for peacebuilding and for strengthening social cohesion. It features articles by practitioners and scholars who share their experiences, including successes and challenges, in working to promote listening and greater understanding between groups.





Henrik Hammargren

Sigrid Gruener, Sarah Smith and Matilda Hald


Part One

Conceptualising Dialogue


Dag Hammarskjöld on dialogue
Henning Melber

Better together: Trends in dialogue and mediation
Sebastian Kratzer

Emotional intelligence, humility and ‘sisu’: Requirements for facilitating dialogue
Janna Greve


Part Two

Practising Dialogue: Country Perspectives


When ‘dialogue’ becomes a dirty word: The case of Venezuela
Michael Camilleri and Riva Kantowitz

On the frontlines of sustaining peace in Colombia
Borja Paladini Adell

On history through the human eye:
Moving Israelis and Palestinians beyond exclusive truths

Robi Damelin

Palestinian youth dialogue: Building a more inclusive society
Qais As’ad

A snapshot from Lebanon
Interview with Shirine Jurdi

The art of dialogue in a polarised region
Yana Abu Taleb

A snapshot from Myanmar
Reflections from Ko Ko Lwin

Blending mediation and dialogue in Somalia
Simon Richards and Mohamed Shale Billow

Amplifying polarity for dialogue in Sweden
Bernard le Roux


Part Three

Practising Dialogue: Thematic Perspectives


External support for internal dialogue
By Samuel Rizk

Academic dialogue for peace
By Peter Wallensteen

Stories from a global network of young peacebuilders

     Young women participating in dialogue
     Sirri Cynthia Wakuna Ngang

     Young leaders promoting conversation rather than agreement
     Interview with Ilias Alami

The ‘Dialogue for Peaceful Change’ methodology
Sarah Dolah

Taking dialogue online
By Rafael Tyszblat

Women for conflict transformation: Perspectives from South Asia
By Salma Malik

Bridging faiths and worldviews through dialogue
By Edla Puoskari and Alessandro Rossi

Insider reconcilers: Dialogue for sustaining peace
By Antti Pentikäinen




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Dialogue in Peacebuilding: Understanding Different Perspectives

In 2019 we invited peace advocates from the MENA region and beyond to share their peacebuilding perspectives in a Development Dialogue volume. We are now happy to announce the launch of the Arabic version of this publication.

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Why is dialogue important in peacebuidling?

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