Investing and Partnering with Youth for Peace

Read and download the Inception report ‘Investing and Partnering with Youth for Peace’ (2023).

Publication details

Title:Investing and Partnering with Youth for Peace
Published:2 October 2023

Frontage IPYPThe Global Coalition for Youth, Peace, and Security Financing Taskforce launched a multi-stakeholder working group to explore the role of the private sector in supporting the youth, peace and security (YPS) agenda. A steering committee for this group was formed in December 2022 and is composed of governments, multilateral bodies, private sector actors, and civil society.

This inception report sets the foundation for ‘Investing and Partnering for Youth and Peace’ to: 

  1. identify, research and recommend potential options for additional resource mobilisation and partnerships with the private sector to advance the role of young people in peacebuilding; and 
  2. mobilise resources and partnerships and help strengthen knowledge management and advocacy through coordination. This includes the identification and mobilisation of resources for existing initiatives and efforts.

Read more about it in the report.