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Implementing the UN Youth Strategy – Lessons from The Gambia

The paper identifies learnings from UN colleagues, civil society, and government representatives on the success and limitations of ongoing efforts to implement the UN Youth Strategy within The Gambia.

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Financing the UN Development System

The Finance Report is an annual report and is created by the Foundation and the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office. The report attempts to provide fresh insights into the funding of the UN development system and into the positioning of that funding within the larger financing dynamics of the 2030 Agenda.

Choices in Uncertain Times

Read the ninth annual report on financing the UN development system produced by the Foundation and the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office.

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The Art of Leadership in the UN

This publication frames the bigger picture of UN leadership. It strives to stimulate a conversation on how UN leadership could be enhanced to ensure its relevance and strengthen its impact at a time when both the UN and multilateralism are being tested.


Painting perspectives, staying true to principles

This publication brings together diverse perspectives on United Nations leadership today. Released only two years after our first publication on the topic, it has been put together under a radically altered context, shaped by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the accelerating threats of climate change and by new armed conflicts.

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The Development Dialogue

The Development Dialogue series has been published by the Foundation since 1972. It focuses on how to generate new perspectives and ideas on global development and multilateral cooperation.

Intersectionality: Experiences, views and visions for change

This 65th edition aims to create a better understanding of intersectional approaches and methods in policy and practice. Everyone should be seen, recognised, and included in the design and implementation of policies and programmes.

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Previous Publications

The International Civil Service

A Reference Compendium for UN Personnel

This compendium is designed to serve as a reference point on the laws, regulations, policies and guidelines that relate directly to the international civil service.

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Special reissue

The International Civil Servant in Law and in Fact

A reissue of the notable lecture delivered by Dag Hammarskjöld at Oxford in May 1961. In the lecture Hammarsköld details the legal principles for the international civil service and underscores the importance of its international character and independence.

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Dag Hammarskjöld in Oxford

Publication series

100 years of International Civil Service

This series commemorates the first century of the international civil service, which originated in 1919 with the birth of the League of Nations. It features inspirational and reflective think pieces on the concept of the international civil service by former and present United Nations officials, as well as representatives from civil society and academia.

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