The Third World and Another Development

Issue no.1978:2 (14) of Development Dialogue examines the conceptual framework of Another Development in context of education and law in the Third World.

Another Development in Health

Issue no.1978:1 (13) of Development Dialogue explores how health is not only a basic need, but can also act as a lever for development.

Towards a Theory of Rural Development

Issue no.1977:2 (12) of Development Dialogue elaborates further the conceptual framework of Another Development and contains a series of case studies from around the world.

Disarmament and Development

Issue no.1977:1 (11) of Development Dialogue is the first in the series, which introduces the problematique of disarmament and development.

Information and the New International Order

Issue no.1976:2 (10) of Development Dialogue captures the discussion around the 1976 Mexico seminar on the role of information in the new international order.

What now? The 1975 Dag Hammarskjöld Report

The 1975 Dag Hammarskjöld Report on Development and International Cooperation was prepared on the occasion of the 7th Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly (New York 1-12 September 1975).  

Development Dialogue no 2 1974

Issue no.1974:2 (8) of Development Dialogue highlights the need for concerted action, in a re-evaluated United Nations system, to handle the disintegrating world economy.

Development Dialogue no 1 1974

Issue no.1974:1(7) of Development Dialogue presents papers and statements made in connection with the 1973 seminar: Confrontation or Co-operation? A dialogue on Development and Independence.