UN Sustaining Peace resolutions

The Foundation supports the implementation of the UN’s 2016 Sustaining Peace resolutions and the 2020 review of the UN’s peacebuilding architecture through regional and country consultations, roundtables and publications.

Roundtable series: Operationalising Sustaining Peace

The Foundation is currently co-convening a series of roundtable discussions on what 'sustaining peace' means in practice and what is needed to implement the UN's Sustaining Peace resolutions.

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Relevant publications

Advancing the Nexus of Human Rights and Peacebuilding

In this paper, Riva Kantowitz discusses how human rights, sustaining peace and sustainable development share a number of foundational concepts and values.

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Before, During and After

A collection of papers by peacebuilding experts and practitioners that provides insights into what is needed to sustain peace in West Asia and North Africa. Also available in Arabic.

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Financing the UN Development System: Time for Hard Choices

The fifth annual report on financing the UN development system produced by the Foundation and the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office featured a particular chapter on financing peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and migration.

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Workshop series (concluded)

Applying Sustaining Peace

In 2016–2018 the Foundation held a workshop series to support better understanding of the UN Sustaining Peace resolutions and the actions needed to implement them.

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