Marijana Markotić Andrić

Programme Manager



About Marijana Markotić Andrić

Marijana is a Programme Manager in the Foundation’s Finance programme which focuses on researching the funding landscape of the United Nations.

She comes with around 10 years of experience working with peace and development issues with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Western Balkans where she worked in the areas of justice and security, and with the UNDP RBEC regional office in the area of crisis prevention and recovery. Marijana’s work and research has mainly been focused on the the conflict-climate nexus, disaster risk reduction (DRR), disaster relief and rebel governance.

She holds a MSc in Peace and Conflict Research studies from the the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden as well as an MA in in Disaster Risk Reduction Studies, a BA in International Relations, and a number of other certifications in the areasof research methods and project cycle management.

She is an ITDM alumna, a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow, a Rotary Peace Fellow and has held a number of academic titles and scholarshipsinternationally and in her home country over the years.