Older Persons and the Post-2015 Agenda – a Sub-Saharan Perspective

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Title:Older Persons and the Post-2015 Agenda – a Sub-Saharan Perspective
Type:Development Dialogue Papers
Author:Nesta Hatendi

There are multiple priorities under consideration in the post-2015 development agenda. If however, we are to approach the dialogue through a life-cycle lens, then the issues related to ageing and the demographic shifts cannot be left behind. Globally, by 2030, persons aged 60 and above (older persons) will outnumber children under the age of 10. As planning for the post-2015 era continues, there is a need to reassess our current policies and practice so that they are made fit for purpose in a greying world.

Africa is still referred to as a ‘young’ continent in terms of its demographics, yet it is ageing more rapidly than any other continent. In the current post-2015 discourse, we should address our unpreparedness in terms of utilising relevant economic, political and social opportunities as well as strengthening social protection measures for an ageing population.

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