What Next volume II – The Case for Pluralism

Issue no.52 of Development Dialogue explores how to anticipate potentially disastrous trajectories, and look for alternative sustainable paths.

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Title:What Next volume II – The Case for Pluralism
Type:Development Dialogue

This volume brings the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation’s “What Next” project to an end. Based on the Foundation’s longstanding tradition and continued commitment to Another Development, it pursued the search for alternatives by rethinking and thereby challenging dominant notions of development and progress. There are no easy answers to the many pressing challenges facing humanity. So much of the current debates and international negotiations – even those explicitly dealing with environment, development and global inequalities – are framed within certain constraints and limited by assumptions we seldom realise or question.

Beyond the obvious problems of hunger, environmental destruction and poverty there are many layers of challenges where ‘solutions’ may turn – or may already have turned – into new problems. We would do well to anticipate these potentially disastrous trajectories and pitfalls and look for alternative paths that can take us to a decent and sustainable future. This requires unconventional thinking, and the consideration of a broad range of alternatives – a strong case for pluralism. This is what this final What Next volume is all about.