Open Leadership

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Title:Open Leadership
Type:Development Dialogue Papers
Author:Jan Vandemoortele

DD paper no. 5Jan Vandemoortele argues in development dialogue paper no.2 ‘Post-2015 – why another approach is needed’ that it is time for the UN to cut back on dialogue and focus the post-2015 consultations more directly towards a development agenda that is easy to communicate, implement and monitor. In this paper Jose Dallo advocates that continuous and inclusive dialogue can make the concept of the UN as a ‘dynamic instrument for an organised world community’ a reality. – Open dialogue, particularly at the national level, should continue until the end of 2015 and beyond.

Connecting citizens to the global policy processes and making sure global agreements are based on their national and personal realities provides the UN with an opportunity to strengthen its legitimacy. This opportunity for inclusiveness has been at the core of many of the activities in the post-2015 process. Continuing a dialogue gives the UN secretariat the possibility to harness the UN’s convening power and get all champions, existing and potential, behind the new development priorities.