Post-Nargis Analysis – The Other Side of the Story

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Title:Post-Nargis Analysis – The Other Side of the Story
Type:Seminar Papers

Post Nargis AnalysisOn 16 October the report “Post-Nargis Analysis: The Other Side of the Story” was released by a wide range of groups within the Burmese democracy movement. Based mainly on documentation by civil society organizations working on political, social, economic, and environmental issues in Burma, the Post-Nargis Analysis explores the obstructions to aid, corruption and human rights abuses committed by the Burmese military regime in the cyclone-hit region. The report was produced in response to the Post-Nargis Joint Assessment Report (PONJA Report) compiled by ASEAN, the UN and the regime in Burma.

“Given the limited access to independent information under the regime’s censorship, we believe our input and recommendations offer a crucial substantive contribution to the post-Nargis recovery” says Khin Ohmar, Coordinator of Another development for Burma and this year’s Anna Lindh Award Recipient.

The Post-Nargis Analysis report was produced as a result of a workshop organized within the project Another Development for Burma.