Regions Refocus

Regions Refocus is an initiative that fosters progressive, feminist solidarities for justice through policy dialogue within and across regions.

Incubated by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation from 2014-2017, Regions Refocus has worked to advance progressive policies by building alliances across sectors and movements, strengthening heterodox and feminist analysis and activism, and amplifying critical regional perspectives in global policy arenas. While housed at the Foundation, Regions Refocus:

  • Co-organised 22 policy workshops in eleven regions across the globe (see the full list below) gathering nearly 1,000 participants
  • Partnered with 40 civil society organizations, 10 regional governmental bodies, and 6 UN agencies
  • Authored 12 reports offering progressive policy analysis and proposals
  • Crafted resources including 15 Virtual Teach-Ins, 8 UN policy language maps, and 3 regional mechanism readers
  • Launched a new initiative on re-capturing progressive decolonisation-era policy in Africa, Post-Colonialisms Today.

With immense gratitude to the Foundation for offering an institutional home, collaboration, and comradeship, Regions Refocus will continue as an autonomous initiative, carrying forward our distinctive approach to alliance-building and policy-making. To follow Regions Refocus’s work, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our new website. Our workshop videos and Virtual Teach-ins are also available on Youtube.