Almedalen – our activities during a week of political discussions

During the annual week of political discussions in Almedalen (Visby, Sweden) the Foundation participated with several activities.

Event details

Date:30 June 2014 – 3 July 2014
Venue:Almedalen - Sverige i Världen-torget

Together with many other organisations that work on global issues, development cooperation and peace we carried out our activities in the big courtyard “Sverige i världen”, hosted by SIDA, the Swedish government agency working on implementing development policy. You can watch all our events online below if you missed them in real life, links below (all activities in Swedish).

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The world post-2015

We hosted a panel discussion on Post-2015 together with UNDP’s Nordic Office. In the panel we had participants from both the government and the opposition, as well as NGO’s.
Link to the seminar.

“Hammarskjöld’s last journey – or I hate democracy

This play by Swedish director and scriptwriter Stina Oscarson was set up in Almedalen. It refers to Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary General to the UN, who was killed in a plane crash in Africa in 1961. It also talks about global policy, why we should bother, and what is democracy – who decides in the world? A play that relates to our current times just as well as the 60’s.
Link to the play.

Global disorders – a new global order? What happens outside Europe’s bubble?

Are we too obsessed with things close to us? What is happening outside the European bubble – are other countries and communities around the world catching up on us by new ideas and innovations to old problems? A free discussion on the basis of a book that the Foundation is to release in August this year.
Link to the discussion.

Sweden’s financial support to the UN – can it make a difference?

What can the UN do that nobody else does? Why are multilateral organisations important? A big part of the Swedish development cooperation money goes towards he UN and other multilaterial organisations – so can it make a difference? Panel discussion with one person each from the Swedish government and the opposition, as well as two persons that are working or have worked in the UN system.
Link to the seminar.