About Understanding – Ideas and Observations on Cross-Cultural Communication by Andreas Fuglesang

Andreas Fuglesang’s  book should be read and judged in this context. The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation initiated this work by requesting an updated version of Fuglesang’s popular book Applied Communication in Developing Countries: Ideas and Observations, originally published in 1973. Fortunately, instead of an update, a new book ‘about understanding’ emerged. Thanks to Fuglesang’s extensive Third […]

Another Development with Women

Issue no.1982:1-2 (20) of Development Dialogue features the publication of papers from the 1982 Dakar Seminar on ‘Another Development with Women’.

Another Development: Perspectives for the ‘Eighties

Issue no.1980:1 (17) of Development Dialogue explores International monetary policy and international development finance, including obstacles to the framework of Another Development in health.

Three Case Studies in Another Development

Issue no.1979:2 (16) of Development Dialogue presents three detailed case studies about India, Peru and Sweden, reflecting different development experiences from around the world.

The Third World and Another Development

Issue no.1978:2 (14) of Development Dialogue examines the conceptual framework of Another Development in context of education and law in the Third World.

Another Development in Health

Issue no.1978:1 (13) of Development Dialogue explores how health is not only a basic need, but can also act as a lever for development.