Towards a Second Liberation – Africa and the World Crisis

‘Nations emerging from long foreign rule generally lack an independent administrative tradition and a social structure within which it is easy to build a class of national administrators… It is true that in some of the countries concerned, the former administering authority has bequeathed a valuable legacy in the form of an efficient administrative apparatus […]

The Legacy of Dag Hammarskjöld

This issue of Development Dialogue is a testimony to the significance of Dag Hammarskjöld’s ideas, and to those who continue the work for international development cooperation.

Another Development in Pharmaceuticals

Issue no.1985:2 (24) of Development Dialogue explores the WHO conference in Nairobi which sought to clarify the role of pharmaceutical drugs in health care.

Another Development and the Third System

Issue no.1985:1 (23) of Development Dialogue focuses on Marc Nerfin’s proposal for a three-Chamber UN which could make global decision-making accountable to the world’s citizens.

Another Development and the World Crisis

Issue no.1984:1-2 (22) of Development Dialogue deals with the impact of world crises on the ideas of Another Development, especially the crucial role of communication.

About Understanding – Ideas and Observations on Cross-Cultural Communication by Andreas Fuglesang

Andreas Fuglesang’s  book should be read and judged in this context. The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation initiated this work by requesting an updated version of Fuglesang’s popular book Applied Communication in Developing Countries: Ideas and Observations, originally published in 1973. Fortunately, instead of an update, a new book ‘about understanding’ emerged. Thanks to Fuglesang’s extensive Third […]