Another Development: Perspectives for the ‘Eighties

Issue no.1980:1 (17) of Development Dialogue explores International monetary policy and international development finance, including obstacles to the framework of Another Development in health.

Three Case Studies in Another Development

Issue no.1979:2 (16) of Development Dialogue presents three detailed case studies about India, Peru and Sweden, reflecting different development experiences from around the world.

Development Dialogue 2:1979

Three Case Studies in Another Development: A Struggle for People’s Power: Bhoomi Sena Can Sweden be Shrunk? Nordal Åkerman Towards a new Information Order: Rural Participation in the Peruvian Press: Hélan Jaworski C.

The Third World and Another Development

Issue no.1978:2 (14) of Development Dialogue examines the conceptual framework of Another Development in context of education and law in the Third World.

Another Development in Health

Issue no.1978:1 (13) of Development Dialogue explores how health is not only a basic need, but can also act as a lever for development.

Towards a Theory of Rural Development

Issue no.1977:2 (12) of Development Dialogue elaborates further the conceptual framework of Another Development and contains a series of case studies from around the world.

Disarmament and Development

Issue no.1977:1 (11) of Development Dialogue is the first in the series, which introduces the problematique of disarmament and development.