Post-2015 seminar: Financing for Development

The world is now characterised by a more nuanced and complex range of development situations. The international community is on the verge of agreeing on an ambitious and far-reaching post-2015 development agenda. These realities require us to think anew about how we approach the challenge of financing development. Please join us for a discussion on the future of financing for development as we ready for this new sustainable development agenda.

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Date:5 June 2015
Venue:Medelhavsmuséet, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to define an ambitious and bold development agenda following up on the Millennium Development Goals. The new agenda aims to tackle problems which have emerged or become more pronounced over recent years, such as climate change, accelerated environmental degradation and income inequality.

The range of challenges that the new agenda aims to tackle requires us to go beyond development aid. The international community needs to ensure that adequate public finance is available for a whole range of areas in ways which do not compromise or undermine ODA. BUT the post-2015 agenda cannot be achieved through public finance alone, whether mobilized domestically or flowing from external sources. Most of the resources needed to finance the post-2015 agenda will come from the private sources – households, businesses and investors.

Coffee and Tea will be served before the seminar starts, at 10.00.

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Gail Hurley, Policy Specialist on development financing and UNDP’s focal point for the upcoming Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa will speak about financing the new, post-2015 development agenda in a world where volatility has become the norm.

Prior to joining UNDP, Gail was the Policy and Advocacy Officer at Eurodad where she was responsible for EURODAD’s research, policy analysis and advocacy on developing country debt and development finance. Gail’s areas of expertise include sovereign debt, responsible lending and borrowing, aid, conditionalities and broader financial flows.

For more information

For further questions, please contact Alexandra Pärnebjörk, UNDP, 0702 30 82 53, alexandra.parnebjork@undp.org

The event forms part of the seminar series “After 2015 – The road towards the next global development agenda,” jointly organised by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation and UNDP Nordic Office.

For further information, please visit www.millenniemalen.nu or www.daghammarskjold.se.


Frukostseminarium med Kajsa B Olofsgård

Innan seminariet börjar anordnar FN-förbundet ett frukostseminarium på tema post 2015, tillsammans med Kajsa B Olofsgård.

Eftersom frukostseminariet avslutas före UNDP och Dag Hammarskjöldfondens seminarium börjar, samt hålls i samma lokal, uppmuntrar vi alla deltagare som har möjlighet att delta i båda seminarierna.

Kajsa B Olofsgård är Sveriges ambassadör för post 2015. Under frukostseminariet kommer hon att berätta om hur förhandlingarna fortskrider, vilka de kontroversiella frågorna är och vilka frågor Sverige driver. Seminariet hålls på svenska.

  • Tid: Fredag den 5 juni kl. 08.00-10.00
  • Frukostmacka serveras från kl. 08.00. Seminariet börjar 08:30.
  • Plats: Medelhavsmuseet, Fredsgatan 2.

Anmälan görs till Sophia Tuwesdotter, sophia.tuwesdotter@fn.se senast 4 juni. Anmälan är bindande.