World Government Assessment

The second round of the WGA survey have been published as an ODI working paper.

People’s Charter for Health (Burmese translation)

The translation was made as a preparation for a seminar on Health policies in Burma, held in February 2008. It is in three parts, the charter, the Mumbai Declaration and a separate charter on HIV-AIDS. 

Global Civil Society – More or Less Democracy?

Issue no.49 of Development Dialogue presents the contested concept of ‘global civil society’, and invites further reflection on various developments it represents.

G8 Club Governance – Power and Politics in a Global World

Since the late 1990s an increasingly critical global movement has come into existence, mobilising against the G8 and its agenda. It questions and challenges the role of this self-formed club, the basis of its governance, the authority it tends to assume and its hegemonic power. The G8 leaders are held responsible by their critics for […]

African scholarly Publishing Essays

African scholarly Publishing Essays, Co-published with African Books Collective Ltd, Oxford and International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, Oxford. Edited by Alois Mlambo. Oxford 2007. ISBN: 978-1-904855-83-5 

What Next Volume I, Setting the Context

Issue no.47 of Development Dialogue introduces the What Next project with reflections on thirty years of development debate, and discussions on global challenges.